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As the name suggests walk with Luis are guided walks with Luis who will show you around his favorite areas in a personal and casual manner, just like if you were visiting your friend in Berlin.

The tours are aimed at small groups of people traveling together so that we blend in with the crowd and remain mostly inconspicuous, offering a more intimate and authentic experience.

Each walk has an overarching theme and is designed to last 1.5 - 2 hours. The routes lead through many of my favourite places and offer a lot to talk about. Nevertheless, every visit is unique and adaptable.


Schöneberg,subtle memorials

Schöneberg is one of the most significant areas for Berlin´s LGBTI* community and offers a wonderful variety of nightlife, cultural spaces, galleries, gastronomy and also memorials to explore.

On this walk we’ll be time-traveling through the 20th century while looking at some very interesting examples of subtle memorial art of different shapes and sizes. Some remind us of key moments in history, others are dedicated to great personalities or groups that in one way or another contributed to social emancipation and progressiveness which is still present in the streets of this vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

WWL_Schoeneberg (1) edit.jpg
WWL_Wedding (5)_edit.jpg

Wedding, the Beauty and the Beast

Wedding is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Berlin and a place that condenses the contrast between beautiful and rough like no other in the city.


This part of town started gaining importance as a leisure destination in the 1800s yet then quickly became one of the most important neighborhoods of the working class and resistance against fascism earning it the name of “Red Wedding”.

On this walk we’ll be enjoying views from the top of a former gun tower and look at unique contemporary (sub)cultural sites that still carry the spirit of creative use of post industrial sites which Berlin is so famous for.

Mitte, invisible traces

Mitte has many faces apart from picturesque boutiques, restaurants, galleries and museums. On this walk we’ll be moving along a particular part of the former division fringe between East- and West-Berlin (also known as the Death Strip).

We´ll be highlighting how political tensions, tragedies and absurdities left their mark on the city’s fabric and talk about successful and unsuccessful escape stories, remains of Berlin’s division, forgotten places of worship and a former bear-pit in the middle of the city.

WWL_Mitte (3) edit.jpg

Seen this already? Not finding what you´re after?

If you´re interested in other topics or other areas of the city, let me know and I might be able to work out an alternative offer for you :)

about Luis


Hi, I´m Luis, architect/landscape architect, tour guide, a big fan of human interaction and Berlin resident since 2003. Having grown up in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, La Paz, I became interested in urban development and in the complexity of cities at an early age and started exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of my hometown by taking frequent walks. This became a ritual that I kept practicing anywhere I went.

I believe that every travel experience is a unique learning opportunity that can be made more memorable by taking time to observe more details and start making sense of how certain things (visible and invisible) are connected to each other. This is what I hope to achieve on my walks with you: provide you with a deeper sense for the place you’re visiting by looking beyond what is obvious at plain sight.

Looking forward to walking with you!


Tours are momentarily only available Fridays thru Sundays (exceptions can be made on weekday evenings during summertime).

Each tour has a cost of 80,-€ for up to two people plus extra 20,-€ for each additional person that joins.

To book a tour please write an email to with the date, time and tour of your preference and number of participants.

I will get back to you asap to arrange the details.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions

For any questions feel free to contact me at


+49 15174340416

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