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Frequently asked questions

What happens if it rains or snows?

We shall proceed with our tour as long as there are no extreme weather conditions which would prevent us from being outside and no warning is issued from official side, e.g. the German Weather Service (DWD). In any case please check the weather and bring whatever you need to be comfortable with the situation. We`re not made outta sugar, are we now? ;)


Are the walks suitable for children?

Although some topics might be a bit boring for kids under 14 this is not necessarily a deal breaker. You know your kids better, so if you believe they will enjoy the tour, please let me know their age (and maybe their interests) while making the booking and we’ll figure something out.


Are the walks wheelchair accessible?

Routes can be modified to be wheelchair accessible. Please let me know while making the booking.

Do the tours include any snacks or beverages?

No, the tours do not include any snacks or beverages, but of course we can stop somewhere along the way to buy something.


Do we move by public transport or any other transport during the tour?

We will exclusively walk on the tours. All tours start and end at locations which are easy to reach. These will be described to you during the booking process. (If a reversion of the route is super duper convenient for your schedule on that particular day, I can make exceptions).


Can we be picked up at our accommodation or meet somewhere else in the city and then go to the starting point of the tour?

No, sorry! The starting points for the tours will be described to you during the booking process.


Can I bring my pet to the tour?

If you believe that your pet will not disrupt the course of the tour, that’s OK. Please note that you will assume responsibility for your pet and it will be at your own risk. In any case please inform me if you intend to bring your pet and please understand that the final decision is up to me as there are animals that I´m not so fond of. E.g. snakes are a definite no!

Do I get my money back if I can´t make it to the tour?

Pls see T&C.


Plans have changed. Can I reschedule the tour?

Pls see T&C.


What if I’m/we´re running late?

In case you’re running late, please call me or write me a message.

After 15 minutes we will have to settle for a reduced version of the walk.

After 30 minutes the tour will regrettably be called off without any refund (pls see T&C section 4.)


What if I can’t find the meeting point?

Also in this event, please call me or contact me some way.


Why are there only three routes?

I go by the premise of quality over quantity ;) Besides, every walk is unique, so actually it’s an infinite amount. But in case you’re wondering, more routes are in the making.

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